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Keep up to date on the latest happenings at SouthTowne Living Center by reading our community newsletters below. For more information on all we have going on in our community this month, contact our community today at 541-393-2654.


SouthTowne dementia demystified lecture September 2015


SouthTowne August 2015 discussion on medications for dementia


SouthTowne discussion on dehydration


what is alzheimer's support group/lecture


what is alzheimer's SouthTowne support group April 2015


Southtowne Alzheimer's warning signs lecture


SouthTowne February support group


SouthTowne communication support group


SouthTowne communication lecture



SouthTowne holiday party 2014


Common Stages of Alzheimer's

Please join us November 19th at 5:30pm to discuss the common stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Find out the obvious anomalies, understand the disease pattern, and develop a sense of control. Information is the key.

Common Stages of Alzheimer's


Alzheimer's 101

Please join us Thursday, October 23rd, 2014, 5:30pm at SouthTowne’s office for an informal discussion on the basics of Alzheimer’s disease.

Topics to include:
Is Alzheimer’s part of normal aging? What are the early symptoms? Are there current cures? What are the best treatments? What are the effects on the brain? Please join us for a better understanding of this unfortunate disease.

Alzheimer's 101


Elder Law 101

Please join us September 24th, 2014, 5:30–6:30pm at SouthTowne’s office

We’ll discuss the power of Power of Attorney and Guardianship documents, the process of spending down to Medicaid, basic estate planning, and when to contact an attorney that specializes in elder law issues. We’ll have an elder law attorney present to answer questions as they relate to elder law practice. Please join us for an informative evening.

elder law 101


Engaging Dementia

Please join us August 27th, 2014, 5:30–6:30pm at SouthTowne’s office

Learn how to manage memory loss so that the entire process is healthy and productive for all involved. Discuss techniques and philosophies to better understand day to day living with those who are inflicted with Alzheimer’s. Develop processes to engage those spiritually, physically, medically.

butterfly - engaging dementia


Dementia and Role Reversal

Please join us to explore the personal challenges and paths of role reversal that adult children face when elder parents develop memory loss and dementia.

July 23rd, 2014, 5:30pm
At SouthTowne’s office,  369 W 29th Avenue, Eugene

Long-Term Care Insurance


Long-Term Care Insurance

Join us for an informative discussion June 18th, 2014, 5:00–6:30pm
At SouthTowne’s office,  369 W 29th Avenue, Eugene

Long-term care insurance is expensive, though it can save families tens of thousands of dollars. However, there are upsides and downsides to some policies and hidden traps to avoid when purchasing them. Please join us to explore long-term care insurance so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not it could benefit you.


SouthTowne's Pet Therapy

We have pet Therapy every Monday from 9:00am-10:00am and every Friday from 2:00pm – 4:00pm.

pet therapy



Alzheimer's Disease & Expected Care Outlook

May 21st, 2014, 5:00–6:30pm at SouthTowne’s office, 369 W 29th Ave, Eugene

Alzheimer's Join us to learn how Alzheimer’s effects the brain and deteriorates physical and cognitive functioning within the different steps of the disease process. We’ll explore prevention, symptom’s management, care and end-of-life options. Please join us and gain some power and control over
this challenging foe.


What is Alzheimer's? Join us for an informational seminar.

Discover what the warning signs are.
Learn how to spot the symptoms.
Review the importance of getting checked.

April 16th, 2014, 5:00–6:30pm
At SouthTowne’s office, 369 W 29th Avenue, Eugene






Please join us for an informational seminar


on how Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease affect the brain. We’ll explore how brain diseases and cognitive maladies can cause confusion/dementia as well as identifying those that are avoidable and how to lower the risk.

March 19th, 2014, 5:30–7:00pm

Refreshments will be served

At SouthTowne’s office, 369 W 29th Avenue, Eugene

Alzheimer's & Dementia


Maintain Your Brain Power!

SouthTowne Brain Maintenance Lecture

Join us for an informational discussion and review of proven tools that help maintain the activity in the brain. Learn techniques that will help keep the brain active throughout your life span. Open discussion on the loss of brain function and how it affects the body.

January 22nd  •  5:30–7:00pm 
At Southtowne’s Office, 369 W 29th Avenue, Eugene, OR


SouthTowne is meeting new friends.

soup home visit

SouthTowne Living Center is meeting and making new friends. Our team strives to reach out to all seniors during these cold winter months looking forward to meeting new friends and delivering a hot meal when needed. During the colder times of the year, plans to get together with friends can be more of a challenge and are often postponed. There is absolutely nothing more comfortable than a favorite chair and warm surroundings, but as we spend more and more time in the comforts of these familiar spaces, we also spend less and less time with others.

Much research has been done regarding healthy living including interaction with friends. This research shows that pets and friends are great keys in the feeling of wellbeing that translate to better health.

At SouthTowne, we provide the personal services you want and need—you pick and choose! While standard everyday living services include warm, home cooked meals and snacks, activities, events and games to stimulate the mind and body.

The SouthTowne team enjoys getting out and visiting seniors whenever possible. If you or someone you know could benefit from a visit and a warm bowl of soup we will be happy to schedule some time. Please contact us at 541-683-3618 and mention the hot soup program to set up a special time and day that works for you.

Hope to see you soon!


Pet Therapy Program

SouthTowne has been developing a very special "Pet Therapy" program in coordination with the Greenhill Humane Society. All kinds of volunteers of the four-legged, two-legged, feathered, and scaled persuasions visiting our residents on a regular basis. Click on the link below to view a video from KEZI Channel 9 News:






I wanted to let you know what I experienced last night during my facility visit.  I am required to make monthly contact with all residents at your facility, and I generally find it easiest to catch them all at mealtime.
First of all staff were relaxed and were giving excellent dining room care.  Residents were relaxed and were eating what appeared to be a good dinner.  The facility appeared clean and the environment seemed to be a nice evening at home.
I was tickled to interact with Helen Davis who was in the best mood I have seen her in years.  We laughed and joked together as she was en route to the shower.  She was able to converse clearly.  Unfortunately while in the shower she had a seizure which appeared to be serious.  Fire and ambulance were called, requiring assistance from all staff who were also serving dinner.
The evening atmosphere remained calm, relaxed and unaffected by this occurrence, due to the RN’s Jandyra and Jessica and the other line staff who were present.  All residents received excellent care, Helen was safely attended and staff followed all emergency procedures  as far as I could tell, gathering the POLST, chart and other documents necessary to send Helen to the hospital.  I believe that the calmness of the situation assisted Helen greatly in cooperating with the medical personnel and adapting to the unfamiliar and potentially upsetting event taking place.
As you know I have been the facilities’ case manager for almost 5 years, and I wanted to reflect to you how impressed and comfortable I was with the situation and how it was handled.  The line staff should also be commended for their professionalism and skill. Residents were supervised and attended to, and no one seemed to be in distress.

—Kimberly S., Case Worker, Department of Health Services,Seniors and People with Disabilities


Honestly, finding a memory care facility was a journey our family hoped we would never have to take. When our father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at age 80, our family hoped he would be able to live out his days at home. Within a few years, however, it became clear that he needed more care than any of us could provide. We feel so lucky that we found SouthTowne Living Center.

Moving Dad into a facility was a difficult step for us to take, but we are so grateful to the incredibly caring and hard-working staff at SouthTowne. We visit frequently and are always struck by the high quality of care we see. Whether it is the Activity Director moving through the audience to keep all of the residents engaged in a musical performance, a young caregiver playing beach ball with residents at activity time, or the smiles, hand pats, and hugs we see the staff sharing with the residents throughout the day, it is clear that SouthTowne provides memory care with heart.
—The Michaud Family


Our family was so pleased with SouthTowne and the contrast with the ALF that didn't have the training or resources was quite notable, primarily how clean both Dad and the facility were each time we came and we didn't announce our visits, so we knew this was the routine care.  His bed was always so clean and well made when he wasn't in it and you are so well staffed and they are always either with someone or cleaning. 

When we were looking for residential and memory care for our Dad, we discovered SouthTowne during an internet search.  Like most families at this stage of life with their parents, we had many questions about the care and the cost.  SouthTowne representative Bill Guske, answered all of our questions and included information that was pertinent that we had not considered.  We were able to communicate at all hours by phone and emails which was very helpful to a large family working a variety of shifts.

Every time we visited, Dad was clean and well cared for. He had no complaints about the care he was receiving and the staff was always polite and helpful. The facility was well staffed on all shifts and constantly interacting with the residents.

The costs were fixed and that was a blessing compared to a tier system that is related to levels of care. A fixed cost makes budgeting for the care much easier and SouthTowne provides more care at a lower cost than any other facility that we interviewed. 

When Dad moved into SouthTowne, we were pleased by the fact that nothing had been misrepresented. They cared for all his health, comfort and spiritual needs.  Our hearts were touched by their policy " No one dies alone" as we were concerned about the distance from our homes because Dad had a terminal illness.  We would recommend SouthTowne without reservation to anyone who has to place a loved one in a care facility.
—Pat R.


“My husband and I were referred to SouthTowne Living Center when it became necessary to place him in a care center.  With advancing dementia, my husband needs round-the-clock care which I could not provide on my own.  My decision to give SouthTowne Living Center the responsibility of my husband’s care has been rewarded in so many ways.

He is comfortable, he is well cared for, and I could not ask for a more devoted and loving staff who respond easily and capably to making my husband’s residency there an excellent choice for us.

We recommend SouthTowne Living Center as a compassionate haven for those in need of care.”

—Virginia S.


I would like to personally recommend SouthTowne Living Center to anyone looking for a place for Mom or Dad. My Mom has dementia and that is rough in itself, but, the peace of mind that SouthTowne gives us in knowing that my Mom is well cared for is beyond words. My Mom is always clean and has a smile on her face. I have never once call the facility and had a member of the staff talk to me in a bad way…they are always cheerful and go out of their way to bring my Mom to the phone or to help me with anything.

Thank you SouthTowne!!

—Teri W.


January 31 , 2013


SouthTowne Is Deficiency Free!

SouthTowne Living Center staff are very proud of our recognition by the state to receive a Deficiency Free annual survey. It validates our dedication to our residents and their families to provide exceptional care and services. 

As important as the survey results are, some of the statements the surveyors made such as, "We've observed your staff caring for your residents like family and that means a great deal to us," and, "It's apparent that your residents are well cared for and everyone is aware of their needs and working hard to accommodate them. Your team is on it!"

What was really cool and unexpected were the high fives and hugs we received from the surveyors at the conclusion of the survey. How often does that happen from one of the most established and seasoned survey teams in Oregon? Yes, we're feeling the love, though, this survey is no pinnacle, just a nice view along our path.  With the help of our residents, staff, families, and other engaged supporters we'll continue to develop our program based on the changing needs and expectations of our milieu.

Everyone at SouthTowne Living Center is excited about 2013 and beyond. It's going to a worthy journey wherever our residents take us, and as long as we let them lead the way, we know we'll get there and the view will continue to be golden.

SouthTowne staff 02-13




Ageia's "Reach Out" Program—adding the human touch to our physician communication

Ageia senior living communities and their at-home care business locations have a unique program, reaching out to our professionals with photos and personal information for any resident who would like to participate.

Our residents' physicians are a very important part of our residents' lives. From time to time, we like to inform each resident's doctor just how much he or she is appreciated. The physicians and their staff enjoy receiving a photograph and some information on how their patient is doing, especially if they referred their patient to us. Below are some examples of resident photos with brief information that the residents wanted to share. Families and residents also love our "reach out" program.

Ageia strives hard to make every resident, family, and physician know just how special they are. This is one of the many ways we honor our residents and physicians. Click here to see the photos.